Meet Mary Frances - from Mary Frances Accessories


Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and being surrounded by vibrant local artisans and a diverse population, Mary Frances' influences and inspiration began at an early age.

Drawing from her love of nature, travel, and artistic influences from around the globe, each Mary Frances design reflects her passions. Her designs are eclectic and trend setting. You can find beautiful textures and motifs ranging from florals, music, and animals to intricate pattern work that is whimsical yet chic. There is truly something for everyone and customers draw an immediate response to the perfect bag that is just right for them. Her goal is to bring a sense of joy and beauty through her designs and create meaningful relationships in the process.

Mary Frances focuses on having a positive impact in the world. All Mary Frances handbags are produced with socially compliant partners. This work gives them dignity and a livelihood to support their families, all while crafting beautiful products. Through her work, she has created life-long relationships with these individual artisans and their families. Mary Frances looks forward to her visits overseas to connect with the people she has been working with but also because it is truly her home away from home.

With the support of her family, staff, and artisans, Mary Frances hopes to continue to keep hand workmanship alive, a fading art in the fashion accessories industry. She is passionate about what she does and knows her customers will always appreciate the unique, quality accessories that can express personality and individual style.



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