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TheLine’s story surprisingly started from a viewpoint. The unique viewpoint of a photo of Marseilles taken from a sailboat sailing around the Frioul islands in the early morning. Just as the sun rose, the backlighting of the shot reveals a view of the city that is both raw and stunning. Better than framing it, Antoine Daniel, founder of TheLine and a young carpenter born in Marseilles, came up with the idea of turning this panorama into metallic lines cut using laser. This technique, coupled with steel, makes it possible to create highly-detailed topography and monuments, thus giving weight, grace and grandeur to this unique materialization.


With its City collection, TheLine is inventing a new way of talking about cities. While details and scales are always strictly accurate, The silhouettes offer more than just a representation of Hong Kong, Paris, London, Singapore, Sydney or New York; it’s more of a new perspective, an editorial stance made up of choices, interpretations, accidents and happy movements. TheLine’s team travels around the world and photographs city skylines, looking for viewpoints which are as beautiful as they are authentic. Then, it’s up to you to imagine your own adventures…!

TheLine City pieces are available in black or gold steel (24 carat gold), from HK$ 180 to HK$ 450. (


Steel and nail production, laser cutting, painting and gold gilding… every step involved in making TheLine products takes place locally. This was an obvious choice from day one for this brand founded by a craftsman committed to “made in France”, and for whom quality goes hand in hand with sustainability and responsibility.

The carboard boxes in which TheLine pieces are presented were designed almost like a jewelry box and are also assembled and screen-printed by hand in France. The cardboard used comes from recycled materials and is painted with a single colored ink, without glue or adhesive; this makes it easy to reuse.

The sustainable production approach also concerns the choice of manufacturers and partners. They include two ESAT workshops (employing disabled persons with a view to professional integration or reintegration) which are part of the Fondation Léopold Bellan and a cooperative factory (SCOP - equivalent to a Cooperative and Participatory organization) situated in Châlons-en-Champagne. TheLine was one of its first clients after its closure and takeover by a group of employees who were made redundant. 

TheLine’s commitment is also reflected in its price point. All of its high-quality designer pieces are affordable.



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