The Line - City Skyline - DUBAI (Mini)
The Line - City Skyline - DUBAI (Mini)
The Line - City Skyline - DUBAI (Mini)
The Line - City Skyline - DUBAI (Mini)

The Line - City Skyline - DUBAI (Mini)

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Discover the DUBAI skyline as seen from the banks of the Dubai River. 

You can see the Emirates Towers, the Churchill Tower and of course the impressive Burj Khalifa.

To be used as a magnet, a souvenir of Dubai on its stand or as a wall decoration.

Cut out of steel, 100% made in France in a responsible and sustainable way, it is 19cm (7.5") wide and it comes in a flat box with stickers, magnets and a stand.

Total weight 50 grams.


No need for screws. Now you can fix The Line Mini wherever you like. Whether your wall is brick, plaster, or concrete, or you have a glass partition, you can stick (or unstick) the Line Mini to it using two stickers which are 3mm in diameter. Simply position them on the back of the line and press for 30 seconds in the spot where you want to display your souvenir.


With The Line Mini, you can now attach your souvenir to any metallic surface using two super-strong mini magnets. Simply place them on the back of the line and position your line on the desired surface. Whether it's a refrigerator, a metal shelf, or any other metallic surface, you can display your love for the city with ease...and in style!


The stand supports the product and showcases it at the same time. Stand The Line Mini up wherever you like and collect your favorite cities. The embossing on the front and the magnets on the back hold the line perfectly. The stand includes some key figures about the city, along with the GPS co-ordinates of the location from which the line was drawn. Be sure to take a trip to admire the view for real!


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